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Psychologist, International Trainer with experience in 25 European and Extra European Countries in 71 Erasmus projects. Dr. Vitale is external lecturer in topics connected to the Psychology of Working Groups at the LUMSA University, and EU project’s design at Rome “La Sapienza” University and Non Verbal Communication in Doctor-patient interaction in the University of Padova, former lecturer of Non Verbal Communication and Lie Detection at the University Rome Tor Vergata (for 1st and 2nd level post-degree master accredited by OTAN). Dr. Vitale owns a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Science of Work at the University of Urbino, and Social, Work and Communication Psychology at the University of Padova in both cases with 110 cum laude. He’ve been Trainer for Multinationals, Ministries, Public entities, Schools, Schools of psychotherapy, Law Enforcement bodies the Regional Order of Psychology (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto), UNESCO Chair of Bioethics (Haifa, Israel) and self-organized courses with a total of more than 13.600 learners. Have published one research about Facial Action Coding System Mother language: Italian. Proficient speaker in English with 8 years of experience of training held in English. Basic understanding and word production of Romanian language. Proficient user of softwares for web development (Wordpress, Wix), e-learning platforms (LearnDash, Moodle, LearnPress), creation of educational interactive content (programming through H5F), services for sharing and promotion activities through digital means (GetResponse, Facebook Ads) and having created 28 online educational materials with more than 160.000 downloads.

Igor Vaslav Vitale

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